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Lead Generation Websites’ custom website package is for businesses who have a distinct vision of what their website should be, or know that they want something striking and unique, whilst still optimised for Google and most importantly is designed to convert website visitors into leads.

This custom WordPress website package, as well as delivering a stunning website, will get your business set-up correctly in Google giving you a solid online base from which to grow.

The fact is most web design companies do not understand Search Engine Optimisation nor lead generation – our difference is that Search Engine Optimisation and lead generation are built into the very fabric of our designs!

If you need a website that is actually a fully-supported, lead-generating, revenue-producing asset rather than an ongoing cost and headache then you need a custom WordPress Lead Generation Business Website!


Simply click the button below to claim your complimentary, no-obligation online lead generation consultation!

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Custom WordPress Lead Generation Websites For Business


Custom web design – our WordPress business website combine;

  • all the possible SEO benefits
  • with a unique custom website
  • designed for the needs of your business
  • and your customers

What you get;

  • website created on the highly-effective WordPress platform
    • created from scratch based on your ideas and instructions
    • fully optimised for Google search on relevant keywords
    • mobile-responsive design so website is mobile-friendly
    • call-to-action banner/video created and integrated into webpages
    • integrates with video and social media
    • lead-capture form created and integrated into website
    • lead-capture database management
    • cloud-hosting for fast-loading pages
  • Google account and local listings set-up
    • YouTube video channel set-up and optimised
    • Google Webmaster tools set-up and configured
    • Google Analytics installed and configured
    • Google My Business page created and optimised
  • Multi-media Content Creation & Research
    • ten of your primary keywords researched
    • ten articles professionally-written and posted as pages/posts
    • your website page titles and headers optimised based on our research
    • one featured image posted for every article (from our image library or supplied by yourself)
    • five custom videos created and embedded on website
  • Ongoing monthly service
    • web-hosting hosting (if required)
    • WordPress maintenance and updates
    • monthly website back-ups for peace of mind
    • monthly easy-to-understand, interactive reports from Google Analytics
    • domain email addresses set-up and configured (if required)
    • Amazon cloud-hosting for images
  • 30-day turnaround time
    • you are welcome to give your input into the process
    • you can supply images and text that you wish to be used on the website
    • we are happy to incorporate logos, slogans or other marketing messages
    • but even if you have no content or material we will build you a highly effective custom lead-generating website
      What you need to supply;
    • information about your products and services
    • any images that you wish to be used on the website
    • any logos, slogans or other marketing messages
    • information about the company and staff for the ‘About’ page

    Why get a mobile-responsive website?

    • A responsive website delivers a good user-experience for your visitors, whatever device they are using to access your business website
    • A responsive website will save you money as there is no need to develop a separate mobile theme to continue to be visible on mobile search
    • Google now has a distinct set of search results specifically for mobile searches
    • Depending on your market 50% or more of your target customers are searching Google on their mobile
    • Your responsive website from Lead Generation Websites will pass Google’s mobile friendly test giving you a distinct advantage as many of your competitors sites will not!

    The world is now plugged into mobile and it is the future of local business websites.

    No more waiting around, no more procrastinating, get your business online and into the 21st Century today with a mobile-responsive, custom lead generating website today!

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    Once you decide to get serious about marketing your business online with a Lead Generation Local Business Website we will liaise with you to get all the necessary details to get started on delivering you a custom WordPress website that meets the needs of your business and your customers, as well as one that fulfills the vision that you have for your business.

    How long does it take?

    Usually about one month, but can be quicker depending on how quickly information is received and designs approved.

    Get ready to see your site as we are building it!

    Once you have provided us with the details of your business, the functions you want the website to fufill for your business, some example sites that you like and any other pertinent information we will begin building your website.

    We build sites on live domains so you can check progress and offer feedback and guidance at your convenience.

    Got your own graphics already?

    If you have a logo or any additional graphics which should be added to your web site design you can simply email them or use a file transfer service such Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Please provide us with the highest resolution image you have available of your logo so that we can give you the most clean and professional web site image possible.

    What Information Should You Supply?

    There is some info you should prepare in order to speed things up. Here are some ideas:

    • Contact details
    • Hosting Details (if you already have hosting we will need your C Panel or FTP details. Don’t worry if you do not have hosting we can take care of that for you).
    • Google Analytics logins or code (if you already have a website you will have a code that looks like this: UA-XXXXXXXX-X). If not we will set this up for you.
    • Website colors, ‘most wanted actions’ and the web addresses of sites you like.
    • Social media profiles for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube if you want them linked from your site.
    • Any graphics or logos you need us to use.
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    Custom WordPress Design

    Do you want a

    • 100% custom website
    • that generates leads and sales
    • is easy to update
    • but comes at an affordable price

    Custom websites no longer need to be expensive, overly technical or long in development.

    We design and build custom websites on the WordPress content management system (CMS).

    We use WordPress because it is;

    • user-friendly and non-technical
    • optimised for search engine ranking
    • incredibly flexible and multi-functional
    • open source and free to install

    This website is custom designed for you and your business, so you get to choose everything;

    • colours
    • fonts
    • layout
    • custom elements

    This will suit any product or service that needs to be marketed online via a fast-loading, easily navigated website that is optimised for Google search.

    All our custom WordPress designs are done-for-you, so all you need to do is to tell us what you want and we’ll get it done whilst you do what is important to you!

    Our team of professional designers will save you time money and effort and deliver you a state-of-the-art SEO website in super fast time!

    Our websites are

    • custom made from advanced WordPress installs
    • 100% original and unique
    • optimised for Google and other search engines
    • integrates easily with all social media, inc. Twitter & Facebook

    Whatever kind of website you may need, be it;

    • service business websites
    • personal blogging websites
    • corporate website

    we have the solution to suit you at a price that equals high value!

    We provide valuable additional bonuses to go with your website, including;

    • keyword & market research
    • Google Local Business Listing
    • video content and optimised YouTube channel
    • professionally-written article content

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    custom WordPress websites

    Building a Lead Generation Website in Seven Steps

    Step 1 – Research

    It is possible to establish a great deal of information about the online behaviour of your prospects.

    Use this information to get in front of your prospects at the right time, with the right offer.

    Step Two – Content Creation

    Google loves original, useful, relevant, multi-media content and it is now easier than ever to create text articles, PDFs, Slideshows, videos, audios and information graphics to be shared on your website and across the internet.

    Step Three – Optimze Your Website

    Put your best content on your website and make sure that Google knows what your pages are about by adding keyword-rich meta-tags.

    Step Four – A Call To Action

    Make sure that it is easy for your visitor to understand what they should do on your website. If you do not direct them they will get confused and quickly click away.

    Step Five – Syndicate Content

    Incoming links are still a huge factor in Google rankings, but it is more vital than ever to have the right links – trusted links from high authority websites. Syndicating high-quality content gets your message out and signals to Google that your website is valuable to its users.

    Step Six – Collect Contact Details

    Studies show that it takes a number of ‘contacts’ to make a sale. Collect email addresses and build a relationship with your prospects and watch them turn into customers.

    Step Seven – Track Results

    This is important – monitor and track everything on your WordPress business website! Analyse the data and make continual improvements to your campaign. It is actually possible to significantly increase your sales and profits by making a few simple tweaks based on your visitor data.

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    Research – Most business websites are doomed to fail from the start as they do not do the research on their keywords, their competitors, nor on their prospects online behaviour – make sure you understand what your prospects are looking for and the keywords they are using to look for them.

    Call to Action – You must identify a single specific action and direct your visitors to complete that action on your website. This may be calling you, adding their name and email address to an opt-in form, or even making a purchase!

    Conversion Optimization – test, track and improve your website marketing in order to increase your conversions. Build a list of prospects ans stay in touch with them by offering valuable advice and unique insights – many will go on to become your paying customers.

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