Local Online Lead Generation System

This page is about the Local Online Lead Generation System

A completely done-for-you online marketing solution for local business owners that generates leads and sales from your website.

Are You A Local Business Struggling With Online Marketing? – If So, You Need ‘The Local Online Lead Generation System’


A proprietary online lead generation solution for local businesses:

Local businesses can generate regular, targeted, high-converting leads from their own Lead Generation Website with this proven system!

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The whole process is completely done-for-you;

  • keyword and competitor research
  • website design & development
  • creation of multi-media content
  • high visibility in Google’s search results
  • lead generation software & notification
  • reporting and tracking
  • maintenance and updates
  • lead generation

We do everything for you, so all you have to do is service the leads you receive!

And the best thing is – you own everything! So you can grow and scale it as much as you need!

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The Local Online Lead Generation System


Local Online Lead Generation System – What You Get 

With the Local Online Lead Generation System you get;  

Lead Generation Website – includes custom, professionally-created text and video content and full technical support!

  • optimised for Google and for conversions, it will generate leads for your business!
  • presents an easy-to deliver, useful and relevant offer for your prospects to claim
  • add a compelling call-to-action and mix with Google visibility = LEADS!

Research – this is the key, build your campaign on solid ground for guaranteed success!

  • competitor research – back-engineer competitors’ offers and Google optimisation
  • research the online behaviour of your prospects to understand how and what they are looking for
  • we use this data to out-rank competitors and connect with prospects in ‘buyer-mode’

Google Visibility – be found for the high-converting keyword searches that lead to enquiries and sales

  • local Google maps optimisation to build trust with Google
  • multi-media content creation and syndication to build authority with Google
  • gain trust and authority for your business and Google will rank you on page one!

Full Technical Support – everything is done-for-you in the Local Online Lead Generation System!

  • all technical aspects taken care of by Lead Generation Websites
  • lead generation software installed and configured so leads sent directly to you
  • full reporting and maintenance included plus email & phone support if required

Local Online Lead Generation System – the all-in-one online marketing solution for local business owners that pays for itself!


Six months service

Payment plans available

Get started for as little as £500!

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Partner with LGW and you’ll have your very own online marketing department working in your business that will;

  • research your online market
  • design and build your very own lead generation website
  • work with Google to make your business visible online
  • get your online lead generation system working
  • keep you updated every step of the way
  • send you regular reports and insights
  • be there whenever you need help marketing your business online
  • help you generate leads and sales online for your business

So stop wasting your own time struggling with your online marketing and partner with the local business lead generation experts who can get you the result you require.

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Local Online Lead Generation System – FAQs

What is it?

Your very own expert online marketing department; research – website – promotion – leads – sales

Who is it for?

Local businesses who want;

  • a professional, easy-to-use website
  • that is visible to prospects in Google
  • and that generates leads and sales

How does it work?

Like most successful systems it is the result of applied knowledge, rigourous testing and unending practice – ultimately we give Google what it wants, who then give you what you want!

But if you really want to know…

  • research your online market to understand your prospects and competitors
  • build a website and other web properties that are optimised for the search behaviour of your prospects
  • create easy-to-claim & deliver offers with compelling calls-to-action to generate leads & sales
  • create and syndicate multi-media content to strategic outlets to increase Google visibility

We then provide support and reporting as your new website generates high-converting leads for your business

How much does it cost?

Your investment (from which you will get a return) starts at just £2400 for six months service. Your new Lead Generation Website and multi-media content is delivered in month one!

Monthly investment plans available starting at £500 a month for six months. On this plan you still get your new Lead Generation Website and multi-media content delivered in month one!

What happens after six months?

Your Lead Generation Website will now be ranking for a variety of local phrases. We review your campaign and based on your goals and requirements to create a bespoke plan for moving forward.   Click to Request a Call Back  

More About The Local Online Lead Generation System

local business lead generation

The Local Online Lead Generation System puts your new website in front of prospects who are searching for your products and services in Google and converts these visitors to leads and sales with a useful, relevant, easy-to-claim offer and a compelling call-to-action.

It is a proven four-stage process that covers research, implementation, content syndication and reporting & tracking that will increase your Google visibility and deliver leads to your inbox!

Stage 1. Research and Content

This is where we research the online market;

  • Keyword Research – what are your prospects searching for in Google?
  • Competitor Research – back-engineer online campaigns, content and offers.
  • Content Research – what content do your prospects want, what questions are they asking?

By optimising for your prospects online behaviour and the questions they have your site will rank higher in Google and convert more visitors to leads.

Once we understand these things we will create the multi-media content for your new lead generation website.  

Stage 2. Implementation

This is where we develop and launch your new mobile-friendly Lead Generation Website

  • create and add multimedia content and images to your new website
  • add logo, your offer, a call-to-action and lead-capture form
  • optimise pages based on prospect keyword research
  • create and verify your Google local listing for higher visibility
  • create and optimise your YouTube channel and upload videos

All content and web pages are created and optimised based on what we know through research your prospects are already searching for thus making them highly-relevant.  

Stage 3. Syndication

This is where we syndicate content online to build links back to your site;

  • 50+ content placements on trusted, established websites
  • multiple syndication of 5 videos with a local citation
  • multiple syndication of 5Slideshows with a local citation
  • multiple syndication of 5 PDFs with a local citation
  • add web listing to 50 top local/industry directories
  • 3 press releases written and syndicated online
  • RSS feeds submitted to RSS directories
  • all content socially shared

Syndicating a variety of online content with links back to your website to high-authority content-sharing sites and trusted blogs will give your website more visibility in Google.

Over time the trust and authority from these content-sharing sites and blogs will transfer to your website giving even higher and wider visibility.  

Stage 4. Reporting & Security  

This is where you can keep track of how your campaign is going;

  • monthly reports from Google analytics
  • daily keyword rank tracking
  • full monthly website back-ups and storage
  • daily updates and website maintenance
  • multiple anti-hacker security layers

Tracking and reporting is important to understand the effectiveness of the campaign and to be alert to any areas that need additional attention.

Security is vital as the amount of malware bots and hackers out on the web is increasing all the time and websites get hacked every second of the day.

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Are You Making These Online Marketing Mistakes?  

Are you making these local online marketing mistakes which are preventing your business from generating the leads you need online?  

1. No keyword research, no competitor research, no optimisation

Do you know what phrases your prospects are using to search Google for your products and services?

Have you optimsed your website for these phrases?

If not you will be invisible to your online prospects!

2. No offer, no call-to-action, no lead-capture form

If you aren’t making an easy-to-claim offer to your visitors you will find it diffcult to generate leads

You must develop an offer that is relevant and useful and a call-to-action that is compelling to your prospects

Usually it’s something you are already doing!

3. Using your valuable ‘above-the-fold’ area only for images and slideshows, not your complimentary offer and compelling call-to-action

You only have about 8 seconds to grab the attention of your visitor before they click away!

So make sure your offer and call-to-action are the first thing your prospect sees when they land on your site.

4. Your website is not mobile-friendly

Google penalises websites that are not set-up for mobiles.

Mobile search, particularly for local search queries, has overtaken desktop search!

So if your website is not mobile-friendly you will be missing out on a lot of customers!

5. No Google local listing or inconsistent name address and telephone number information online

A Google My Business listing can give you a page one listing in your local area independent of your website!

However if your business name, address and phone number are not consistent across all web properties Google will consider you to be untrustworthy

Create a Google My Business listing and ensure your NAP info is identical across all web properties!

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If you are a local business which is not getting the results you require online then the Local Online Lead Generation System is the answer!


The online lead generation system for local businesses that pays for itself!


Call 01708 208889 now or email info@leadgenerationwebsites.co.uk to get started today!

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