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PPC Management Service

Google Adwords is a way for a business to create a predictable pipeline of leads online that deliver a good return on investment.

The goal is to get to the point where a business knows that if it spends £x on advertising over a given time-frame it will receive a certain number of leads, of which a percentage will convert to sales giving them a certain amount of income and therefore profit.

In order to get to that point where a business knows it can spend a set amount on AdWords and get a predictable return it is necessary to collect and analyse a significant set of data – this data is gathered during the early stages of the campaign and then used to make improvements to reduce spend and increase conversion.

This is our over-riding principle in PPC  – collect data to analyse and improve the campaign and therefore increase profitiblity.

For this reason with our PPC management service we look to work with clients who have a monthly budget of between £2000 – £3000 to begin with and are looking to grow that.

We do not require contracts, rather we have an agreement that a new PPC client will run a campaign with us for six months. Although we do offer a 30-day cancellation policy within the six months we do expect clients to see out the full term.

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Case Study

West London Dentist

This client was in a contract that they couldn’t get out of so they reduced their spend on that campaign and employed Lead Generation Websites to build a new, fully-funded campaign for Invisalign and dental implants.

Below is a quick comparison of two campaigns for a Chelsea dentist – our campaign (highlighted yellow) which had been running just a month at this point and another agency’s campaign which had been running six months!

  ppc management service  

As can be seen, in the first month alone we achieved more conversions than the other agency did in six months and at 30% of the cost – each conversion the other agency generated cost £390, whilst ours cost just £130!

Whilst that in itself is great, we also increased the CTR (click-through rate) significantly which will lead to a lower CPC (cost-per-click) and therefore increase the number of conversions for the same investment!

This was just the first month of the campaign and over the coming months we further increased the conversion rate whilst pushing cost-per-conversion well below £100 (which is extremely good in the cosmetic dentistry niche) – we can achieve similar results for you, whatever industry you are in!


Update – Six Months Later

  ppc management service  

Part of the process of data collection is to track phone calls too – so we know when someone calls whether they are responding to an ad or not. Not only do we track phone calls but we also record them and provide client access to the recordings via the reporting dashboard. This means that you can listen to every call that is made via one of your ads.

One thing that we noticed with the dental client was that they were getting calls but not that many bookings, so we listened to the calls and it became apparent that the phone system wasn’t working properly and the receptionist wasn’t always following the script. Hearing the calls allowed the client to identify issues in their process that were throttling the growth of the business.

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Since the start of this campaign the client has doubled the ad spend on and also taken out a second campaign for a different service.

  PPC management service    

Notable Benefits

This is a completely done-for-you-service that requires no time investment on your part other than the initial meetings and a monthly review, which is of course optional.

Your business will open up a new and long-term source of new business that can scaled as required and, importantly, with a measurabe ROI.

Notable Features

Clients have access to a reporting dashboard that displays all the important metrics and data at a glance as well as holding call recordings and all the conversion data.

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Service Details


Lead Generation Websites System Integrations – System integrations include;

  • reporting dashboard integration
  • call tracking set up
  • monthly report set up
  • notification system integration for account alerts and budget pacing

New Account Build – For all new accounts, we configure all settings and complete the account build based on the data provided by you, the client, and our research.

We provide keyword research, ad copy creation, and ad extension implementation, all in accordance with account structure best practices and internal SOPs.

Existing Account Analysis/Restructure – For all existing accounts, we conduct a thorough analysis of existing data and restructure the accounts as needed to promote a more profitable campaign.

At our discretion, we will determine if we will use existing accounts or campaigns or if we will require a new account or campaign restructure.

Monthly Management/Optimization – Our monthly management covers all account optimizations necessary to improve the performance of your account.

This includes;

  • bid management
  • negative keyword implementation
  • keyword expansion
  • ad copy testing

and more according to an optimization schedule that is based on the account’s budget.

Please note: It’s essential that Lead Generation Websites are the only ones making changes to the account once it’s under our management.

Conversion Tracking Setup – Lead Generation Websites will setup all appropriate conversion tracking codes within the Adwords account. We utilise Google Tag Manager wherever possible and will set this up and configure for each client account.

If you purchase a landing page, Lead Generation Websites will implement tracking on it and add the GTM code to the Client’s main website.

Call-Tracking/Call Recording – We provide a call-tracking solution for clients and use dynamic number insertion tracking which requires the phone number on the target website to be formatted as text and may not be part of an image. We can get this set-up on a your website as we take care of all technical issues.

Our team, via Google Tag Manager, will implement call-tracking code.

We include as part of our service one local tracking number that can be forwarded to a landline.

Additional fees may be incurred for freephone numbers or numbers that are forwarding to mobile devices.

We will test tracking numbers to ensure they are forwarded properly to the client’s main phone number.

Remarketing – Included in our service is basic remarketing along with the setup and design of banner ads using the Adwords design tool. Custom Photoshop banner ads may be purchased for an additional fee.

Please note: Google prohibits the remarketing of any product or service that is deemed sensitive.

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Performance Review Calls – We will schedule a monthly call, or face-to-face meeting to review performance and plan for the forthcoming month.

Lead Generation Websites are also available by phone and email for emergency/urgent such as website outages, immediate campaign pauses or other issues requiring immediate attention will be addressed as soon as possible.



Client Reporting Dashboard – You will have access to account performance and phone call data for all campaigns via our reporting dashboard, Ninjacat. Please note, reporting data is updated once daily for the previous day and is therefore not real-time.

Monthly Reporting – Lead Generation Websites will compile and produce a monthly PDF report with insight and analysis will be emailed around the 11th of every month for the prior calendar month.

Landing Page Creation and Integration

Layout – Our landing pages are built using landing page best practices and with proven templates that are customised based on the

Content – All landing page content is to be provided by the Client. If the specific content is not provided, we will take the content directly from the existing website at our discretion.

For best results, we recommend you provide us with a logo vector file, testimonials, and suite of services or products, desired images, value propositions and accreditations/awards, etc.

We will review this with the client before creation.

Design/Edit Process – We will create the landing page based on the information provided by the client.

One round of edits is included in the design fee. Edits can include wording adjustments and image replacements.

Landing Page Integration – Lead Generation Websites will take care of all technical aspects of getting this set-up.

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Banner Ads

Responsive Ads – We will create responsive remarketing banners using the Adwords tool for no additional fee.

Custom Ads – Our design team can create custom, high resolution animated ads using Photoshop or similar software, for an additional fee. The base fee includes an ad in the three best sizes for Google and in two formats, animated and static (6 ads total).

Additional Networks youtube ads bing ads

Yahoo/Bing – After we have campaigns that have reached goal on AdWords and we have exhausted our reach on AdWords we may suggest advertising our best performing keywords/ads/ad groups on Yahoo and/or Bing Ads.

YouTube – YouTube advertising is a quickly growing advertising channel. Through this channel, YouTube video ads can be served using TrueView in-stream ads or in-display ads.

To run YouTube ads with us, it is necessary to have a YouTube channel, the target video uploaded to your YouTube channel and the channel linked to the AdWords account. Lead Generation Websites can set up the channel and create a video for advertising.

Complimentary Audits

Account Audit – Lead Generation Websites will complete audits upon request of actively running AdWords accounts with a spend of at least £1000 in the last 30 days.

Dormant accounts or ones that have limited spend will only be eligible for an audit upon our discretion due to lack of relevant data.

Our audit process is designed to identify wasted ad spend in the following areas:

  • display network
  • overnight advertising
  • mobile devices
  • search partners

Not all audits will include a waste analysis. If no waste is found, the audit will only contain a description of applicable technical issues.

Additionally, a brief analysis of other technical issues (when applicable) such as;

  • conversion/lead tracking
  • campaign settings
  • impression share
  • ad copy testing
  • keyword selection
  • search query
  • analysis and ad extension review

In order to perform an audit, we must have access to the account through our MCC or you must provide us with a login to the relevant account.

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Market Analysis – Lead Generation Websites can execute market analyses for prospects that have never run AdWords before or have not run AdWords in the past 30 days as long as their minimum ad spend budget is £1000 per month or greater.

Our market analysis includes an estimated CPC for achieving top position in the industry and geographic location you provided on the request form. We used that estimated CPC to give you a projection of potential performance assuming an industry-standard conversion page on the landing page that will be used.

Important Policies

Our Agreement

Lead Generation Websites do not require contracts, we prefer to reach an agreement with clients that the initial campaign will run for six months – we have found that six months is a good period of time over which a campaign can be optimised and give a good return on investment.

Cancellation during the initial six months requires 30 days notice.

Prior to the end of the initial six month period we schedule a review meeting to discuss performance and look ahead to the next stage, which is generally improving and optimising the campaign to further increase conversion and lower CPA.


Invoices for our services will be generated according to our current fee structure. All invoices will be sent via email.

Billing Schedule – Onboarding fees will be invoiced upon your acceptance of our confirmation email

Recurring monthly management fee invoices will be issued on the day the ad campaign goes live and will recur on the same day each month from that point.

Recurring management fee invoices apply to the upcoming month’s service.

Due Date – All invoices are due within 5 days of the invoice issue date

Payment Options – Invoices can be paid directly through bank transfer, or via PayPal.

Please note, a PayPal account is not required as all invoices are also payable via major credit cards through PayPal.

Cancelation / Stop-Work

Pause Request – In the event a client wishes to pause PPC management services with Lead Generation Websites, a recurring £75/mo pause fee will replace the recurring monthly management fee for any accounts put on pause.

This fee will recur until such time that the campaign is either reactivated or canceled.

Cancelation Request – Lead Generation Websites require 30 days cancellation if this occurs during the initial six month agreement (see above).


Multi-Business Accounts – Only one website can be advertised per individual Adwords account.

Any accounts that have multiple web properties being advertised will be broken up into separate accounts and treated as individual Clients for management and billing purposes.

Other Policies/Reminders/Disclaimers

Google’s Overspend Policy – One of Google’s Adwords policies allows Adwords to spend up to 120% of the daily budget each day. We will do our best to stay within the monthly budget, however Lead Generation Websites is not responsible for any overspend up to 20% of the overall account budget.

Google Account Reviews – Google may, at its discretion, place any account “under review”. During this period (typically 1 to 3 business days), ads will not be eligible to run.

Unfortunately, Lead Generation Websites is not able to expedite this process.

Prohibited Content – Google restricts and/or prohibits advertising of various products and services such as prescription drugs, firearms, counterfeit goods, etc. If Google deems a Client’s product or service to fall within one of these categories, the use of Adwords may be severely restricted or completely prohibited. If we determine that a Client is unable to advertise due to this policy, we will let the client know immediately.

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