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Online marketing experts who specialise in generating targeted leads online and increasing clients’ visibility and brand recognition on the internet.

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What is our business?

Helping businesses grow with our proven, done-for-you online lead generation packages which leverage modern traffic-generation strategies across a number of online platforms.

Your website will be built based-on the latest SEO principles and your offers will be foregrounded with strong calls-to-action that encourage prospects to submit their details.

You, the client, are then notified via our lead generation software of the prospect’s name, email address, telephone number and nature of enquiry.

Your website receives targeted traffic from a variety of sources including Google organic search, Google Adwords, social media platforms and third-party websites on which your quality content is placed.

Who are our clients?

Business owners who want to build the online recognition of their brand through a website and other online channels via a content marketing strategy that will generate an ongoing stream of highly-targeted leads.

Companies that wish to increase their position and visibility in Google search by improving their on-page SEO and syndicating quality, multi-media content to the places where their target audience are to be found.

What makes us different?

Always learning. Vital in such a dynamic and ever-changing environment.
We focus. Leads, not rankings, are the lifeblood of any business.
This is not just a business. It’s a passion.
Results. It works!

Lead Generation Websites

Robert Keating, Lead Generation WebsitesLead Generation Websites was created by internet marketer Robert Keating.

"I believe that most small to medium-sized businesses do not need web-designers - they need marketers!

I have lost count of the number of businesses I have spoken to who have spent their entire marketing budget on a lovely looking website and then wonder why they get very few visitors.

These days it's not enough having a website - you need to actively market it and drive traffic to it!

For every £100 you have to spend on a website, £25 should go on design and set-up and £75 on marketing and promotion.

As time goes on this should increase!

Generally, money spent on design is not leveraged - you will not make anything back from it. It is an expense and financially only makes sense from a tax point of view! Actually, that's not entirely true, but it is true for nearly all local businesses assuming a certain level of professionalism in the design - a quite stunning, clean and professional website design can be achieved with a customized WordPress theme.

The exception being if you are a business involved in visual arts - web designers (obviously), media companies, graphic designers, fashion-related businesses, etc.

Promotion on the other hand is an investment - you are adding value to your website and therefore to your business.

Promoting and optimising your website in the right way will bring money into your business by putting your website in front of your target customer and making sure that the content is exactly what that prospects wants to see."

What is a Lead Generation Website

A Lead Generation Website is what every business should have – a website that generates leads and revenue for that business!

The fact is that most businesses in the UK do not have a website or, if they do, the website is actually an expense rather than an asset.

A correctly configured website is one which does two things;

  • ranks in Google for the relevant keywords that prospects are using to search for those products and services
  • converts those website visitors to leads and then to sales


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website ’content management system’ (CMS).

A CMS is just a system for managing content in a website – adding new pages, updating existing pages, adding images, editing the fonts and layout, etc.

In the old days it was necessary to possess a great deal of technical knowledge in order to create and maintain websites. These days it is possible to learn how to do this in just a single day!

WordPress is very user-friendly – if you can create a Microsoft Word document then you will be able to learn to maintain and update a WordPress site very quickly.


Are WordPress Websites Effective?

WordPress websites may be easy to set-up and maintain but that doesn't mean that they are inferior in any way. In fact WordPress sites are generally considered to be extremely well-liked by search engines and as a result often rank very well in Google.

WordPress sites are structured in such a way as to be attractive to Google. They are also very easy to optimise for search engines. This means that it is straight-forward to get your WordPress site to be relevant for your target keywords.


Don’t all WordPress Websites Look the Same?

No, not all! There are thousands of different themes available – some are free and some are paid for (premium).

You can change the look of your WordPress website by simply installing a new theme. All themes have different features and many themes have numerous options which means that each install can be customised and even WordPress sites running the same theme will look markedly different to each other.

Furthermore, as WordPress is ‘open source’ it can be used as a platform for a custom-built website. This means that you can specify every aspect to a designer, have the website built and still enjoy the user-friendly admin system.


How About Functionality – Can I Link to Facebook and Show Video?

The multi-functionality is where WordPress really demonstrates its power! With WordPress you can;

  • link to all your social media platforms
  • show feeds from your social media platforms
  • show feeds from any website
  • embed video
  • embed audio
  • embed slideshows
  • add content daily
  • create blog posts with images
  • create blog posts with multi-media content
  • interact with customers/clients/readers
  • take payments via Paypal and other online payment systems
  • create a membership site
  • host a forum
  • much, much more