Video News 19 September 2014

Read more about SEO Ranking Factors 2014 Read more about Google’s Penguin Update and the coming refresh Welcome to Lead Generation website weekly video news blog, where we bring you the relevant developments in Google and online marketing for small or medium sized businesses in the UK and worldwide. I’m […] Read more »

Google ‘Penguin’ Refresh Due in 2014

Google’s Penguin Update is due for a refresh sometime before the end of 2014   What is Google’s Penguin Update? The Penguin Update was a significant tweak to the search engine algorithm that addressed linkspam. What is Linkspam? Linkspam is the use of unnatural linking to boost a website’s performance […] Read more »

SEO Ranking Factors 2014 – The ‘Searchmetrics’ Report

Searchmetrics has released its 2014 SEO Ranking Factors and Rank Correlations report, which it says provides an; “in-depth definition and evaluation of the factors that have a high rank correlation with organic search results.” The report focused solely on Google results and found the following; high-quality, relevant content ranks better […] Read more »

Where to Get Images For Your Blog Posts

Where do you get the images for your website and blog posts from? With the news that the ever-litigious Getty Images sued Microsoft over the Bing Image Widget it is pertinent to consider the issues around the use of images. If you have ever taken an image from the web […] Read more »

Video News 10 September 2014

Click to get tutorial videos on Google+ SEO for Local Business Welcome to Lead Generation Websites’ weekly news video blog where we bring you the relevant developments in Google and online marketing for small and medium sized businesses in the UK. I’m Robert Keating and on this week’s edition we […] Read more »

WordPress SEO Tips – On Page Optimisation

WordPress SEO Tips – Optimising your WordPress website is, luckily enough, a straight-forward process. Here is a step-by-step guide. WordPress SEO Optimization Tips On page optimisation for WordPress is about tuning up your site so it will rank in Google. It is about removing ‘drag’ so that nothing is holding it back. […] Read more »

Get More Visible Online This Year

So, it’s past mid-February now and I’m wondering how your New Year Resolutions are going? Many business owners make resolutions to get more business from their website by blogging, but few are able to keep up the momentum even with the best of intentions! So, how do you ensure that […] Read more »