Lead Generation Case Studies

Lead Generation Explained

These case studies refer to online marketing campaigns which took place for specified periods from Spring 2012 to summer 2013.

The online marketing campaign involves on-page website optimisation and off-page link-building through multi-media content creation and syndication.

A large component of the service is lead generation - because being number one in Google simply is not enough!

A lead is defined as when a website visitor (prospect) completes a lead capture form on a website and sends it to the LGW client.

This is especially powerful because the lead capture form is completed by the prospect themselves, so this is not a referral, but a request to call back made by the prospect themselves.

The figure for leads refers only to those prospects who have completed the form, not those who find the website and then make a phone call.

Callers are leads too and most businesses will ask a new caller where they heard about them from so the number of actual leads is always more than the volume of prospects who complete the online form.

The number of leads is the a reflection of the SEO campaign, but it does also depend on factors that are controlled by the business - offers and call-to-actions.

Other, internal, metrics by which we can measure the progress of an SEO campaign are;

  • overall visits
  • search referrals
  • search referrals for specific keywords
  • increases in domain authority and trust scores
  • rankings for specific keywords

Why the online form?

There are a number of good reasons why we use lead-capture forms;

  1. It gives prospects a way to make contact outside office hours
  2. Some people prefer to make contact remotely, rather than directly via the telephone
  3. It provides a track-able way to measure the success of a campaign
  4. The business can re-market to the leads captured in the future as they are all stored in a database 
  5. It will actually increase response in some situations

Case Study 1: Local Solicitors - Website and Lead Gen SEO


Case Study 2: Essex wedding photographers - Six Month SEO Targeted Traffic Package

More case studies coming soon, including;