Essex Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography SEO Client

I was contacted in February by an Essex-based husband and wife wedding photography team who although having a thriving business were reliant on referrals for new clients and wanted to become visible to a wider audience.

They were not ranking in Google for any of their primary keywords but they did have an established website which they updated regularly.

Although the website needed a few tweaks to make it more relevant in Google's eyes the major issue as to why they were not ranking was down to incoming links.

There are hundreds of factors and sub-factors that go into Google's ranking algorithim but the primary metric is still incoming links. The rule for incoming links is now quality over quantity - having too many incoming links can actually be a negative under certain circumstances!


The clients took out an on-page optimisation and off-page link-building package.

The on-page package added a couple of optimsied landing pages, added google 'authorship' and 'publisher' mark-up and linked it altogether via Google+ personal profile and business page.

The off-page link-building was carried out via multi-media content creation and syndication - that is text articles, PDFs, slideshows syndicated to article directories, blog posts, web2.0 sites and wiki sites.

Much of the link-building was to buffer sites that protect the primary website from over-optimisation penalties. These buffer sites link to the main website and are promoted within the campaign with hundreds of incoming links themselves. This is a tactic that works really well following Google's Penguin and Penguin 2 updates which heavily penalises websites that display and over-optimisation of anchor text in their incoming links.

essex wedding photographer case study


But the real key to ranking in these competitive local markets is high PR links.

High PR links are links from pages that have a high PageRank. By high PageRank I mean a PR of 5 and above. Sites with PR 3 & 4 are good but it is PR 5 homepage links that are really, really effective.

So, what kind of results did this combination of web2.0 links and buffers, social bookmarking and high PR links deliver for the client?

The image below shows the progress over nearly six months - starting in position 60 in March and ending on page one, position three by August.


Below is a video showing these ranking changes in more detail.