Romford Solicitors

Case Study 1: Local Solicitors - Website and Lead Gen SEO


Although this legal practice had been around since 1998 they had a very limited web presence restricted to a couple of half-finished websites and business directory listings. They were spending about £1000 a month with Yellow pages and not really getting anything from that other than calls from sales people trying to sell them more stuff (sales people will go to Yellow pages to see who is spending money on ads and then target these businesses).

The proposal

Lead Generating Websites packages consisted of a fully researched and optimised website and an ongoing SEO package.


  • 65 leads generated between April and December 2012
  • 2619 visits
  • 7122 page views
  • 78.5% of visits from search engines
  • many new clients
  • massive return on investment


Before building the website we first undertook the keywords research, this gave us up to 10 keywords that prospects used to search for these services.

Once we understood what the prospects were typing into Google we could then build the website based around these keywords making sure that meta-tags were completed specifically so that Google would understand what the website was relevant for.

As a local business in a town with a population of around 40,000 there is not going to a lot searches so it is important that those visitors that do find the website are leveraged as much as possible.

To this end we added a lead capture form and a welcome video on the home page which encouraged visitors to take a required action.

Lead Capture Form

The required action that the website visitor was encouraged to take was to request a complimentary 40-minute consultation. This was something that the partners had always offered and so we featured it prominently on the website.

The key to collecting leads via a lead capture form is to make the right offer and have the right call-to-action. In this case the offer was spot on for two reasons;

Firstly people are concerned about the cost of using solicitors and so an initial consultation with no charge sets the mind at ease and gives the solicitor a chance to understand the case. Once the prospect had talked to the solicitor it was unlikely that they would go elsewhere unless some kind of problem had a risen. The initial consultation offers the chance to build a bit of trust and the prospect invariably becomes a client.

Secondly, the lead-capture form offers the chance to state the nature of the inquiry and it became apparent that this was a big plus point too. Quite often the prospect would enter very detailed information into this section. Many people need a solicitor because they are going through difficult times - divorce, custody battle, financial problems or problems at work. It can be intimidating for individuals to call a solicitor and explain all these personal problems to a stranger, and then possibly have to go through it all again as they are passed onto the person who actually deals with that aspect.

The 'nature of inquiry  field gave the prospect the chance to explain what the issue was and have that go to the right person who would then call them back and discuss their options. This means that the potential client did not have to spend time and money raking over painful personal details with someone who might not be the right person.


The website and marketing campaign was a resounding success and business has more than doubled, so much so that the practice was able to take over another local firm which was not doing so well and incorporate them into the business. This has doubled the number of partners and has resulted in a larger customer base and larger capacity for taking on new clients.