How To Easily Optimise Your Website for Relevant Keywords with WordPress

Essex SEO with WordPress Websites


This post is about how you can easily optimise your website for your relevant keywords terms (keyword can refer to a single word or a multi-word phrase).

Now, if this post is about getting your website right for your specific keywords, why have I headed the tutorial ‘Essex SEO with WordPress Websites’?

The answer?

One of my targeted keyword phrases – and by that I mean a keyword that I want to rank for – is “Essex SEO“.

And the “wordpress websites” part?

Quite simply; I only use WordPress when I build websites – and so should you!

There are many reasons why, but primarily because Worpdress websites are user-friendly, easy to optimise and rank extremely well in Google’s search engine. I recommend WordPress for all business websites, whether it’s a blog site, a local business site, a corporation or anything in between.

Essex SEO – Getting your meta-tags right

Once you identify a keyword that you want to rank in Google for you need to get your on-page SEO right.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the process a website undergoes to improve its chances of being found in Google for the relevant keywords.

Meta-tags are HTML (website code) categories that search engines use to identify which keywords a website is relevant for. There are three primary tags that you need to get right; ‘Title’, ‘Headings’ and ‘Description’.

Page Title

The page title must contain your keyword. It doesn’t have to only be the keyword but ideally your keyword should appear at the start of title and there should be no more than 70 chararcters in your title. So, for example I might have titled the page something like;

Essex SEO – Using WordPress To Boost Your Website in Google


Essex SEO – Why You Need an Essex SEO Company


Essex SEO – Local Business SEO Services in Essex

What ever your keyword is use it in the page title.


Advanced WordPress Tip

Using a plugin such as WordPress SEO by Yoast will enable you to create two differnt headings – one for Google and the search engines and one for human readers. This is one of the things I love about WordPress – it is so flexible and is focused on SEO.

I have used that technique on this post so that the title that you the reader sees is;

How To Easily Optimise Your Website for Relevant Keywords with WordPress

but when Google comes along to take a look at this post it will see the title as;

Essex SEO Using WordPress To Boost Your Website in Google

This allows me to target my desired keyword, without putting in a page title that is irrelevant, or at least slightly odd, for the human reader.

Page Headings

There are a number of header tags on a webpage – H1, H2, H3, H4, etc – and Google uses these as a strong indicator of relevancy, so making sure your keyword is in these heading tags will help a lot.

The H1 tag is the most important, H2 second most important and so on, so if you only have one heading on the page make sure it is a H1 tag. HTML code for header tags look like this;

essex seo

So use your keywords in you headings and sub-headings on the page.


The description tag informs the text that Google displays for your web page in its search results. Many of your competitors will get this wrong in a couple of different ways. A good description tag should contain the following;

  • keyword phrase
  • unique content
  • a call to action

Just as you place your keyword phrase into the page title and the headings and sub-headings, you should place it your description too.

seo essex

The description should be hand written and be unique to the page – Google ranks pages not websites, therefore you have to view your website not as a single entity but as a collection of unique and seperate pages based around a common theme.

If you have the same description for every page on your website then Google will downgrade your website. If you do not write a a description meta-tag at all then Google will just take the first 150 characters fom the page itself and this represents a lost opportunity for both SEO and getting your message out.

The description tag offers you the chance to steal traffic from websites that are actually places above you in the search engines. If you take the time and trouble to write a good unique description which appeals to your target customer and includes a ‘call to action’ then you can entice the searcher to click on your result rather than a competitor who has not bothered to write a unique and relevant description.

Meta-tags Summary

Place your keyword in all three meta-tags – page title, page headings and page descriptions.


Essex SEO – Place Keyword in URL

In terms of importance this is massive – Google gives huge weight to URLs. That’s why if you can get your primary keyword in your root domain you will receive a big ranking advantage.

If you do not have it in the root domain you can still easily place it in the URL for the individual pages. Take a look at the URL for this post in your browser.

essex seo company

The keyword – Essex SEO – is in the URL – with WordPress it is very easy to manipulate your URLs to make them shorter and more SEO friendly.

Essex SEO – Conclusion

This post has been about on-page SEO – getting your web pages right for the keywords you want to target. The primary things you need to worry about are;

  • Page title
  • Page headings
  • Page description
  • Page URL
  • Body copy

We haven’t mentioned body copy so I will briefly discuss it here;

Keyword density (the ratio as a percentage that the keyword appears in the body of the article) used to be an important factor in ranking, but research suggests that it is becoming less and less important. Just by writing naturally it is almost certain that your keyword will occur numerous times in the text anyway.

In my experience it is more important to get the meta-tags right than to try and shoe-horn your keyword into your article at every opportunity.

So finally take a look at the results for ‘custom web design again and note that all the ranking sites are following the advice given in this post – note this is not original stuff, but most of your competitors, especially if you are a local business, will not be paying attention to, or even be aware of the importance of keywords in meta-tags.

seo company essex

If you can get your on-page SEO correct you will be on your way to ranking above your competitors and grabbing a nice slice of web traffic for your business.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I’ll answer as best I can.