1. What exactly do you do?

We help you get more traffic to your website.

Then we show you how to turn that extra traffic into leads.

Finally we track and measure everything and refine the process based on our data.

2. Sounds great, but how do you do that?

We research your target customer's online behaviour and identify a set of relevant keywords.

We then create high-quality multi-media content and syndicate it to strategically selected websites creating backlinks to your website from a wide variety of sources forcing Google to rank your website higher in it's index. Meaning your website will be found by more of your target customers.

We optimise your site for conversions through identifying a single action that you want the visitor to take and directing them to do that - this action may be requesting more information, making a phone call, buying a product, registering for something, etc.

Using Google Analytics and heat map data we build up a picture of what your visitor is doing on your website and refine the campaign accordingly.

3. How long does that take?

A single campaign will usually last for six months.

You can invest in as many consecutive campaigns as you wish and there are good savings for ordering longer campaigns.

4. Will I be on page one after six months?

It is highly likely that your website will be on page one for at least some of the primary keywords you are targeting at the end of the campaign. In fact we often rank our clients on page one for some of their keywords well before the end of the six month campaign. However your Google ranking depends on many factors - the main ones being the level of competition and the history of your website, as well as the overall quality of your site and its content.

In general for most local businesses a single campaign is enough to make a significant difference to both their search engine rankings and the performance of their website.

How do I know which package I should order?

We give guidelines on our product pages, but without some real research data it is difficult to be sure.

If you order a Website Audit we will be able to explain to you which package will have the best results based on the in-depth research and data-gathering that we complete for our website reports. The cost of a Website Audit is just £97 and that cost is refunded once you order a service from us based on the report.

Do I need a new website for this?

Not necessarily. Lead Generation Websites build exclusively on the WordPress platform and our best results have been achieved working on WordPress websites. WordPress sites have distinct advantages over other websites both in terms of how they are read by search engines and for the client due to there ease of updating and the incredible functionality.

Having said that much of what we do is 'off-page' SEO and is very effective across all types of websites, so it will be of benefit regardless of what style of website you currently have.

As long as it is possible to add a few lines of code to your existing web pages to make the site as Google-friendly as possible you will get the full benefit of the campaign.

Do you design websites?

We have a specialist team that designs custom WordPress websites for our clients.

We also offer a more cost-effective customised template website service for our clients. The only difference between a template website and a custom website is the appearance - under the bonnet and in terms of the results that they deliver they are identical.

Most businesses choose the Lead Gen Local website package which is cost-effective and delivers incredible results

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link to your website from a third party site.

Google considers these links to be 'votes' for your site - the more 'votes' you have the more important and thus higher ranked a website is.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that is typed into Google by users.  By researching and identifying the keywords that your target customers type into Google it is possible to optimise your website and attract the right kind of visitors.