How To Find Keywords Relevant to Your Business

Find keywords that bring good traffic to your website

The Google Keyword Tool is a free resource that allows you to identify relevant keywords for your business. You can then go further and do some basic research to help you target keywords that you have the best chance of ranking for.

Play video below. Length 20 minutes

You can access the tool here;


Be sure that you have selected the correct location for your search. For most people running a business in the UK you will need it set to United Kingdom.

If you market internationally then you may want to set the location to All Countries

You can choose whether to look at traditional searches from desktops and laptops, or more recently searches made by mobile devices – smart phones.

The figures for mobile search are increasing rapidly and as many as 30% of mobile searches are for local products and services, so this is a metric that must not be ignored.

However most websites will not display correctly on a mobile browser and will need to be specially configured. How easy it is to do this wil depend entirely on the type of website you have and the type of content you display.

Searching For Relevant Keywords

The tool will return a list of results based on your primary keyword. These results are based on their relevance to the initial term that you entered.

By browsing this list you can find keywords that have some search volume that you may not have thought of yourself and optimise your website accordingly.

Be sure to change from ‘Broad’ match to ‘Phrase’ match to get a more realistic snapshot of your market.

The number that you see are;

  • retrospective
  • monthly averages
  • estimates

The figures can never be 100% accurate, but do give you a very good indication of how active a particular market is.

Filtering Keyword Results For Your Business

Google will return 100 results, but as a business you only need a handful and to begin with should just focus on two or three.

Filter the keywords by

  • relevance
  • search volume
  • competition


Which keywords are relevant to your business? In the video we saw the phrase ‘stop smoking hypnotherapy London’ – if you are a London Hypnotherapist who specialises in weight loss this will not be relevant, but if you’re in London and help people quit smoking this is a keyword that you should target.

Search Volume

A keyword that has little or no search volume is not worth optimising your website for, but similarly you should avoid keywords that have thousands upon thousands of searches too!

Keywords that have a lot of search volume are generally either very competitive and so difficult to rank for, or too general and not therefore a buying term. You want the majority of visits to your website to be from people who are interested in purchasing, not those merely researching.

The general rule in keyword research is that the longer the phrase, the more chance of them buying.

Again, going back to the video, consider the different mindsets behind the searches

‘stop smoking hypnotherapy London’



The first is very specific and almost certainly has a buyer behind it, whilst the other is just trawling for information, researching, so probably not ready to buy just yet.


The blue bar indicates the number of websites using paid ads on Google to target the term, but it is also a good indicator of competitiveness in the organic results too.

You can use specific Google searches to give you an idea of which keyword might be easier to get onto page one for. These searches are;

“keyword” (in quotes) – this tells you the number of pages that contain that exact phrase.

allintitle:keyword – this tells you the number of pages that have the keyword in the title

inurl:keyword – this tells you the number of pages that have the keyword in the actual URL.

Why is this important?

The URL, page title and headings, etc are known as meta-tags and Google uses these meta-tags to help it decide which keywords a page is relevant for. Having the keyword you are targeting present in the meta-tags significantly increases the chances of ranking well in Google for that term.

The higher the number of results returned from these searches the more difficult it will be to rank for that particular term, so by using these search operators it is possible to choose between two keywords based on the likely difficult of getting on page one of Google.


The Google Keyword Tool is an excellent resource and can be very effective in discovering new keywords for your business.

This video and post has only been able to scratch the surface of a very complex subject but hopefully it has been of some interest and value.

If you have a comment or question please add it below and I will respond.