Where to Get Images For Your Blog Posts

Where do you get the images for your website and blog posts from?

With the news that the ever-litigious Getty Images sued Microsoft over the Bing Image Widget it is pertinent to consider the issues around the use of images.

If you have ever taken an image from the web and used it in any way then you could be at risk of a law suit. Microsoft are perfectly capable of defending themselves in court, but do you have such deep pockets?

So where to get images for your website without worrying about copyright issues?

The first option is to buy them. You can open an account with Getty Images and/or one of the many other photo resources online.

The find these sites just Google “royalty free images” and you will get pages of results of websites that provide images – such as www.istockphoto.com and www.shutterstock.com

Within the results you will also find sites that offer free images. Obviously these images are not as good as the paid ones but they will often suffice.

One of the sites that the Lead Generation Websites blog uses a lot is FreeImages.com which, like a number of the image sites, provide both free and paid images.

You can open an account for free and get images that you can legally use on your website without charge. But always check the restrictions.

how to get free images

Ironically this site was renamed in 2013 as the company was taken over by Getty. They still provide free images but be sure to check the terms for each photo as some require attribution whilst other do not.


Do not use Google image search to find images for your website.

Do use the officially licensed free images (or paid) from reputable sites.

Always check conditions and restriction of use and comply.

Or, if you are so inclined, take your own photos and use those as images on your website.