Get More Visible Online This Year

So, it’s past mid-February now and I’m wondering how your New Year Resolutions are going?

Many business owners make resolutions to get more business from their website by blogging, but few are able to keep up the momentum even with the best of intentions!

So, how do you ensure that your resolutions do not run aground on the tide of apathy as early-January optimism gives way to mid/late-February resignation?

Two things that will give you a fighting chance of keeping your New Year blogging resolutions are;

  • Planning
  • Realistic expectations

Planning Your Blog

Set aside two hours each week to write and post your blog. If you don’t have time during the day then you need to make the sacrifices and assign an evening as your blogging time.

As well as planning the time to do your blogging you need to plan how and what you are going to write. If you just rock up in front of the computer, fire up Word and expect a Shakespeare-esque business-blogging master-piece to flow from your finger-tips then you will be quickly deflated!

Really the writing part should be no more than 30 – 40 minutes to begin with, the rest of the time should be on planning and research;

  • What do your customers want to read about
  • What are the important points in a particular topic
  • How will you organise and present your information

If you spent 20 minutes on each of those aspects then that is one hour already. You then have 40 minutes to write it and 20 minutes to proof-read and post to your blog.

The key point is to keep to your time limit – a bit like when you had to write a paper for school – it had to be in at a specific time and so you just made sure that it was done by that time.

If your blogging starts taking up too much time then it will soon fall by the way-side so be sure to plan your time as well as your content!

Expectations Can Kill You!

Don’t expect too much from your first few blogs, in fact, don’t expect anything, ever! Make writing your blog an end in itself, its own reward.

If you write with the expectation of gaining business you will almost certainly be disappointed in the short-term and give up.

As we go along each week I will show you how to make your blogs and website more targeted and more attractive to your target market.

Week 1 Action Steps

Set aside two hours each week for researching and writing your blog. Mark this time off in your diary NOW for every week of the year! I’m no slave driver so the target for December 31st is to have 40 blog posts on your site – that’s twelve weeks off I’ve given you already and we have only just started! Although we are six weeks into the year, so really it’s just six weeks off. But still generous!