Google Tools for Business Owners

Google Website Resources Business Owners Can Use For Free

Google has a suite of free tools that business owners can leverage to help them with their online endeavours.

When you open a Google account you get access to all the following services.

Google tools for business owners

Keyword Planner

We touched on the KWP in our last podcast but just to recap;

The Keyword Planner is the Google Adwords tool – part of Google’s paid advertising program.

To gain access just sign up to the Adwords programme and you will be able to use it freely. However recently Google has changed the way this resource works for new users and you have to set up an ad before they will let you use the planner.

Through the Keyword Planner you can garner some idea of which phrases your prospects are using to search for your products and services and an approximate idea of the number of searches each phrase gets.

This is invaluable in as much as you will be able to build up a list of phrases that you will want your website to be ranking for in Google.

You can check our blog post on using the Google Keyword Planner here;

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a resource for webmasters to communicate directly with Google about various aspects of their websites.

You can upload an ‘XML Sitemap’ that will help Google index all of your website, set a preferred domain (‘www’ or ‘non-www’), set a geographic preference (eg. UK) and receive messages from

Google about anything that is likely to negatively affect your website’s performance in Google.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an excellent resource for monitoring website traffic. It can give you a lot of information that can help you increase engagement and increase enquiries and sales if used correctly.

However like a lot of things with Google it has many advanced features ad is not especially user-friendly.


YouTube is the original and still most well-trafficked video-sharing site on the internet today.

Along with Google search and Facebook it is one of the top three search engines online!

It is important that as a business you have a presence on YouTube, both for the SEO benefit of having links from YouTube pointing to your site and also to engage with your prospect in different ways.

Feedburner RSS

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication but it is not necessary to understand how or why it works to take advantage of it.

Every website has an RSS feed, or at least the capability to have one.

RSS feeds are used to read content without having to visit the actual website itself. In this respect an RSS feed is a copy of a website without any of the design – that is, just the content.

RSS is useful for our purposes as the feed can be posted to RSS directories thus creating links on third-party sites that point back to the original website which, as already mentioned, is a significant factor in improving Google rankings.


Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook, their attempt to break into the social networking space.

Google+ is the place where you can list out all your different online properties and show Google how they are all connected to you and your business.

It is also the place where you can create a Google My Business Page that appears in the local maps results and link that page to your website.

You can get some complimentary Google+ Local Business SEO training here

Other Useful tools

Microsite Masters for tracking rankings

Siteliner for analysing on-page factors

Action steps

Set up a google account and;

Install analytics

Submit to WMT and configure

Burn an RSS feed and submit to RSS directories