Principles of Persuasion – Part II

In the last episode I highlighted three of the six primary principles of persuasion – consistency, reciprocation and social proof. In this post I will look at three more – authority, liking and scarcity. Understanding and employing these principles can help your business grow. As a consumer being aware of […] Read more »

Domain Authority and Google Visibility

Domain Authority Domain Authority, like Page Authority, is determined by the quantity and quality of the links pointing to your domain as a whole. How important is it? According to the online marketing community domain authority is at least as important as page authority, maybe more so. What can I […] Read more »

Incoming Links and Page Authority

How To Increase Page Authority By Building Incoming Links Page Authority is a metric that measures how likely a given page on a website is to rank for search queries. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what that number is as everything is relative to you and your competition. Page Authority is […] Read more »

Multi-media Content Creation for Business Websites

Content Creation for Business Websites Writing web content is one of the hardest and most time-consuming activities for business owners. Outsource this if you can. However in some circumstances where the business owner has a unique insight into the product or service it may be better to do it yourself. […] Read more »