How To Optimise Pages and Posts in WordPress

WordPress On-Page Optimisation On page optimisation is about tuning up your site so it will rank in Google. It is about removing ‘drag’ so that nothing is holding it back. These are the things that you need to do to create an optimised web page; Main key phrase in H1 […] Read more »

How To Create Content That Google Loves

Optimising for Google’s Panda Algorithm Google Panda – What is it, how does it work, what should I do? Google’s Panda Update is a specific algorithm run on a regular basis that targets low-quality sites. That is; the algorithm focuses on on-page content factors and user-experience to reward or punish […] Read more »

Vital Features Your Business Website Need To Generate Leads

Generate More Leads From Your Business Website Your website is where all the magic happens! If your website does not convert then everything else will be wasted – all your targeted traffic, all your optimisation, all your online efforts. We will cover website content in another podcast; here we are […] Read more »

Google Tools for Business Owners

Google Website Resources Business Owners Can Use For Free Google has a suite of free tools that business owners can leverage to help them with their online endeavours. When you open a Google account you get access to all the following services. Keyword Planner We touched on the KWP in […] Read more »

On-Page Optimisation For Business Websites

Quick links mentioned in podcast Create Adwords account to use Keyword Planner without creating an advert More about site navigation More about business blogging Page load speed tests; On-Page SEO For Business Websites On-page SEO describes the way each individual page is set-up on your website, but […] Read more »

Episode 1 – How Google Works

Google Google is the major player in the global search engine market. If you are US-based it has a market share of about 70% but if you are in the UK Google has over a 90% share of the UK search engine market! Those figures are replicated all over the […] Read more »