What Will Happen As A Result of a Lead Generation Websites Campaign?

Creating traffic through our SEO traffic packages is labour-intensive work that requires a lot of raw man-power. Each month the Lead Generation Websites team will prepare, distribute and optimise content for your website. You will start seeing considerable results within about 2 months - although each website and SEO campaign is unique and we will give you a more accurate estimation once we know your relevant details.

The traffic, backlinks and exposure you get grows gradually, over a period of time. This is designed to mimic 'natural' growth and has been proven to work in increasing and, crucially, maintaining rankings in SERPs.

Once the ‘critical-momentum’ is reached, usually after two, three or four months (depending on the package chosen, the market and where your website started from), the results will be more dramatic and grow exponentially.

Search engines love fresh content and we provide them exactly what they want… at the same time, taking care not to ring their “alarm-bells” by growing too much in too little time.

When this traffic generation system is combined with a name-capture strategy and social & business media marketing the results are leveraged multiple times.


  • you will get powerful quality backlinks pointing to your site
  • your page relevance, Domain Authority and Trust Flow will increase
  • more pages on your website will be indexed by major search engines
  • your search engine positioning will go up
  • your link popularity will increase
  • your authority status will increase
  • your credibility in the market shoots up
  • your videos will start showing up on major video sites
  • you will get targeted visitors from your constantly syndicated content
  • You will be able to turn these targeted prospects into leads and many will become your paying customers
  • you will begin to feature at the top of Google's Local Search results for a variety of terms
  • Ultimately you will dominate your local search engine listings and control a substantial share of the market.


Screenshots of Google ranking Results

Below are screenshots of results I have gotten for clients - some of these relate to older campaigns and when SEO stops the rankings slowly decay over time. So please take this into consideration when checking yourself.

Please also take the following into account when carrying out searches yourself;

Results served by Google will also depend on your location, so if you are searching from another country, or indeed from outside of London, then you may get different results.

Results are also affected by whether you are logged into Google - so log out when you do a search to get 'non-personal' results.

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