PPC Management Service - Google AdWords Management

PPC Management Service

Generate high-quality leads using our done-for-yo and scalable PPC lead generation service.

Lead Generation Websites offer a robust PPC management solution for local and national businesses who need a regular pipeline of high-converting leads.

The comprehensive service includes;

  • account set-up and configuration
  • customer and keyword research
  • ad copy creation
  • day-to-day PPC management
  • tracking number and call-recording
  • full reporting and monthly reviews

Google Ads is a way for a business to create a predictable pipeline of online leads that delivers a good return on investment.

The goal is to get to the point where a business knows that if it spends £x on advertising over a given time-frame it will receive a certain number of leads, of which a percentage will convert to sales giving them a certain amount of income and therefore profit.

In order to get to that point where a business knows it can spend a set amount on Google Ads and get a predictable return it is necessary to collect and analyse a significant set of data.

The data is gathered during the early stages of the campaign and then used to make improvements to reduce spending whilst increasing conversion rates.

This is our over-riding principle in PPC - collect data to analyse and improve the campaign and therefore increase PROFITABILITY.

If you are a business that needs a pipeline of leads from the internet then you need PPC Management.

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