WordPress Website Management

Completely done-for-you WordPress Management Solution;


  • hosting
  • load-speed optimisation
  • maintanence
  • updates
  • security
  • back-ups
  • website edits
  • Google analytics reports

Having a WordPress site can be an issue sometimes.

All that functionality and non-techy user-friendliness comes at a price - and that price is security!

WordPress gets hacked frequently because it is 'open-source' and therefore open to anyone to edit or create a WP theme or plug-in.

Plug-ins can add amazing functionality to WordPress sites but some are not coded especially well and all need to be updated and when they are not they offer vulnerabilities to hackers and aggressive software bots.

As well as security there is also the issue of hosting and load-speed.

A full WordPress site with content and plug-ins can be quite a drain on a server and many WordPress users will have experienced situations where their website has gone down, or is responding extremely slowly.

If you have experienced any of these issues in the past and/or would like to avoid them in the future then LGW's WP Management product is what you need.

What is WP Management?

WP Management is an all-in-one, fully-optimised solution for WordPress hosting, security and reporting meaning business-owners never have to deal with any technical issues around their website.

LGW will host, maintain, update, secure and provide advanced analytics information for your WordPress site.

What You Get

  • Your WordPress website hosted on our fast-loading, fully-optimised web server
  • Daily updates carried out for all themes, plug-ins and WordPress itself
  • Appropriate premium security plug-ins installed and configured
  • Daily/weekly/monthly full-site back-ups and off-site storage
  • Page-load speed tested and optimisations effected
  • Daily/weekly/monthly interactive, enhanced Google Analytics reports
  • Telephone and email support as required


WordPress Management: Detail

WordPress Hosting

LGW have a dedicated VPS server on which we host our own and client websites.

VPS stands for 'Virtual Private Server' and this allows us to deliver a hosting level service akin to a private server but at a price that one would normally pay for shared hosting!

This server is optimised for hosting WordPress sites so you don't have to worry about excessive downtime or outages.

One of the biggest WordPress vulnerabilities is via out-dated plug-ins and themes, and of course, out-dated installs of WordPress itself!

As a WP-Management client your website will be updated on a daily basis. This will drastically cut-down on opportunistic hacking attempts and as a result of that will actually increase your page-load speed and general website performance! This is because you will be saving bandwidth by cutting down on unnecessary visitors - primarily bots that take up a lot of server resources and can slow sites down.

Premium Security Plug-ins

Your website will enjoy the latest in WordPress security with a number of free and premium plugins that will;

  • block known spammers and hackers by IP
  • block visits from countries that are not your target market and are known for malicious web activity
  • block IPs of failed brute-force log-in attempts
  • protect your vital WP files from snoopers and hackers
  • hide your log-in page - if they can't find the log-in box they can't try to force entry!
  • hides WP info that hackers use to gain entry e.g. admin name, version of WP, headers, etc
  • and much more

Whilst we have a good record and have not experienced any successful hacks for over 15 months there is no such thing as 100% security, so as a fail-safe in case of some kind of catastrophic failure your website will be backed-up and stored in a separate location to enable swift re-deployment which minimises interruption of service.

Other than hacking there are other situations where we may need a back-up; for example sometimes plug-in and theme updates can break WordPress and it can be quicker to re-deploy the back-up than try to fix the broken site. This is the equivalent of going back in time to the last fully-functioning version of the site from where we can disable the offending element and avoid the issue.

You may remember this story from April 2016 - this is exactly the kind of unpredictable event that making regular back-ups mitigates.

Page Load Speed

Page load speed is an increasingly important factor in Google's ranking algorithm and is also in terms of conversion, as no one wants to wait around for a slow page to load!

We will benchmark the page load speed and then implement some custom code to the .htaccess file to speed things up. We will then test again and at this point install and configure a cache plug-in where necessary.

Enhanced Interactive Google Analytics Reports

Google allows us to access their Analytics product via an API key and create stunning, custom, easy-to-understand analytics reports that foreground the information that is most important to you.

Not sure what you need to know? We will format and create the report for you and provide guidance on how to read it.

These reports will give you data on the following;

  • how many visits, to which pages and for how long
  • are these new or returning visitors?
  • how many visits form search engines, from social media, from other websites
  • which device and which browser your visitors are using to access your site
  • where your visitors are coming from and what language they are using
  • which landing pages are the most popular
  • and much, much more

This information is useful in creating a better user-experience for your visitors - for example if you can see that a significant number of visitors are using a particular device or a particular browser to access the site then you need to check and make sure that the site displays correctly on that device or browser and that all the functionality is performing as it should.

Telephone and Email Support

We provide live telephone and email support to WP-Management clients from 7am to 5pm


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