How to update your WordPress website

How to update your WordPress website


WordPress is a very user-friendly website CMS (content management system).

Watch our tutorial on how to update your WordPress site and see how easy it is.

1. Type your domain name into the browser and add /wp-admin

So it will look like this –

2. Enter your username and password and hit ‘Log-in’

To ‘Edit’ or ‘Trash’ a post

3. Select ‘Posts’ and select the post that you want to work on.

4. Choose ‘Trash’ to delete, or ‘Edit’ to edit the post.

5. The editor works very much like a Microsoft Word document.

6. Switch to ‘Visual’ mode.

7. Use the WYSIWYG buttons as you would for a regular Word document.

8. Click ‘Update’ when you have made your changes.

To Add a New Post

9. Select ‘Add New’

10. Add post title and text body.

11. Add any formatting with the the editor.

12. Complete info for any SEO plugins you have

12. Edit the URL as required.

13. Add the category (another keyword SEO opportunity)

14. Hit ‘Publish’

If you have any questions, comments or hints please leave a comment below.