Video News 19 September 2014

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Welcome to Lead Generation website weekly video news blog, where we bring you the relevant developments in Google and online marketing for small or medium sized businesses in the UK and worldwide. I’m Robert Keating, and on this week’s edition we have; search metrics 2014 SEO ranking factors report, the iWatch has implications for local business, and Google penguin update coming in 2014. Now for more information on any of these topics, please email us at That’s

Okay, so without further ado, let’s move onto our first item; search metrics SEO ranking factors 2014 report. So search metrics is a well respected, well-known data gathering and analytical SEO organisation that provide services and products and reports within the industry in the 2014 ranking factors report. There are no real surprises. The SEO factors that delivering long term rankings in business websites in 2014 are pretty much what we expected and what we already know. Now, the main search ranking factor is for 2014, the main factors were found to be, number one; high quality incoming links. Number two; good site architecture and on page optimisation. Number three; good quality, relevant and useful content. And number four; social signals, so that’s shares of that good quality content on social media platforms.

So, what are the implications for business websites? Whilst the four main factors have seen some changes in relative influence, essentially, the report confirms what we already knew. Link quality is more important than quantity. So, no cheap, one size fits all SEO campaigns. If you’re building links, you need to make sure that they’re links from quality, trusted websites that are relevant to your product or service. You must optimise your pages and create use for high quality content. Google has become as much as a content syndication system as it as a search engine. Changes to its algorithm now favour Q&A style searches, so people put in questions and Google likes to serve them answers. So you need to be creating content that solves problems for your prospects, answers the questions that they have. You also need to know how to optimise your pages, make your pages relevant for these relevant keywords that people are searching for.

You need to have that content shared on your social media platform. If you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, wherever you hang out online in the social media world, you need to get that content shared. If it is good quality, useful content, it’s going to be easier to get it shared on social media. If you want some more info, check the Lead Generation website’s blog for a more in-depth look at the report on Google ranking factors for business websites in 2014.

Okay, let’s move on to item number two; the iWatch. There’s been a lot of talk about this in the news and online in the last week, but we can look at the implications for local business. Now, on the iWatch’s potential implications for local business are a bit speculative at the moment. The iWatch is wearable tech which analysts are suggesting could impact local search. How’s this going to make search more local? Well, analysts are predicting that the rise of hyper local searches, that is searches for locations that are within a short distance of the searcher, and as a result it is more important that ever for local businesses to have a presence in local search listings such as Google My Business. So how does this affect you? Well if you’re a local business then you must have a working local search listing. Google now calls local listings ‘Google My Business’ and if you don’t have a listing you need to set one up now. Now this is actually something you need to do regardless of the iWatch. If you’re a local business you really need to have a local listing. And if you check last week’s video news, we offered you some video tutorials on how you can set up a Google Plus profile and get your business page set up.

Okay, let’s move onto our third and final item], and that is Google Penguin update coming in 2014. Google say Penguin refresh is coming this year. The Google’s Penguin update which targets Linkspam has not been refreshed in over ten months. But we’re expecting an update soon because Google’s spokesman in the webmaster tool’s hangout, actually said that they’re working on an update to be released this calendar year, barring any unforseen circumstances. So what are your indications for business over this? Well Penguin, penalises webpages for unnatural link patterns. And these pages cannot be found easily in Google search. If you have been affected by the Penguin update, and you’ve been working to correct the issue, this announcement is good news.

Once Penguin is refreshed, if your work has been successful, then your pages will start to rank again. Everyone’s know now about the Google Penguin update or about the Searchmetric’s report, please read our blog post from the Google Penguin penalties and updates, and the 2014 ranking factors according to Searchmetrics. Just click the links below the video to read the in-depth blog posts, and that’s it for this week. Thank you very much for watching. I hope that’s been useful. For more information on any of this topics, you can call us directly on 01708 208 889, that’s 01708 208 809, or e-mail us on, that’s I’m Robert Keating, I hope that’s been useful and I look forward in seeing you next week on the Lead Generation Websites video news blog.